"I am the downhill tumble and roll champ, King of the toad finders, Captain of the high altitude tree branch vista club, Second place finisher in the round the yard backwards dash, Premier burper state division, Snodbuster and worm scout first order and Generalisimo of the mud and mayhem society!"  Calvin and Hobbes

100% Welsh with a 1950's BBC accent.  //  Husband to a beautiful Wife.  //  Father to a remarkable daughter.  / Chaser of the beauty of life.  //  Wearer of fine facial hair.  //  Helmet-wrist guard-knee pad-toting mature skateboarder.  //   Beach, hills, forests, cliffs, sea, river, meadows, dunes, open sky, as long as it's outside.  //  Seeing others being the best they can be in whatever makes me happy.  //  An appalling memory for names and faces.  //  Jelly sweets. Nothing but jelly sweets.  //  Unnecessary ducker of door frames.  //  Afraid of very little except a bear holding a shark //  Officially a Braai Master since 2009.  //  Single malt whisky? YES!  //   Good beer? YES!  //   Red wine? YES!  //   Not too "flowery" cocktails? YES!  //  Hot drinks? Nope. Not at all!  //  Knowing and living like we were made for more.



Charis (pronounced Ca-ris)

" See what no one else sees. See what everyone chooses not to see... out of fear, conformity or laziness. See the whole world anew each day!"   Arthur Mendelson in "Patch Adams"

75% Welsh, but born a Brummie!  //  Proud wife and mother and love life with my two best people.  //  Stones Ginger Wine appreciator.  //  Self confessed yarn addict, crochet  lover.  //  Shorter than my husband and less hairy, but suitably complimentary!  //  Season lover, but give me a fair isle or chunky knit, oversized jumper and I'm in my element.  //  Seascape, mountains, forest, meadow.. Give me a good view and my heart jumps for joy.  //  Photo taking, photo making, see a moment, savour it, capture it and certainly where I can, print it! YES!  //  You can't beat fish and chips at the end of a good beach walk in my humble opinion. // A good pick and mix, but not just jelly sweets. You have to throw chocolate and fudge in for the full taste sensation!  //  The pure genius of Wes Anderson's use of symmetry. The Grand Budapest Hotel blew my mind.  //  Dancing to pretty much anything with my little human. That's life for me!